Flower Girl

Making Flower Crowns

Last weekend Sym and I trekked out (in the horrible rain) to Michael’s and picked up some supplies for making flower crowns! I didn’t bother doing a proper tutorial because there are plenty online already (here’s a good one at Tiny Tangerines, she actually did a much better/neater job than we did), but the basic technique is:
1. make a loop of wire the size of your head
2. tape flowers to it
The only supplies & equipment you need are scissors, some kinda wire, floral tape and of course a bunch of fake flowers! We used hydrangeas in pink, green, blue and purple, as well as some teeny filler flowers.

Making Flower Crowns
so glad my camera chose to focus on the piles of junk in the background

SIMPLE. Even Sym, who gets very easily frustrated and rage-quits when things don’t turn out perfect right away, did almost all the work on her crown herself. I personally don’t like flower crowns with widely spaced flowers so we crammed ours together, but please feel free to arrange your flowers however you’d like.

Sym in her Flower Crown

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