Forty Lashes

I have super stubby eyelashes. It’s terrible, they are barely visible and the don’t really hold a curl so my only option for even looking like I have any has always been globs of mascara, but I feel weird wearing mascara without a full face of makeup and I think we all know how often I wear that: once a week on Thursdays when Taylor takes my pregnancy pictures. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE WEEK???

Well, thanks to my friend Sara I have an affordable solution: DIY EYELASH EXTENSIONS! Basically you just put on those single flare false eyelashes using a particular technique that makes them look more natural, but it’s better if I let Sara explain it because she did up a great tutorial with pics, tips and cute illustrations.

I tried this out myself on the weekend and it was a moderate success. Here are some terrible quality pictures of my lashes before (on the top) and after (on the bottom), where I have ten individual lash flares on each eye.

Before & After Lashes

Sorry the images aren’t really the same size but you can still see the difference! My lash flares were all the same length so I trimmed the ones I put closest to the inner corners of my eyes, which was pain so I really recommend getting a set that comes with various lengths. I got the single-length ones because that was all the had at the drugstore by my house. They also only had one kind of lash glue and OH MY GOD IT SUCKED. Like I got the lashes on just fine but a couple hours later I was out with Taylor, walking down the street and the lashes started trickling down my face! NOT COOL. So a word to the wise: if you are Canadian DON’T get the Quo lashes & glue from Shopper’s Drug Mart because they are terrible. On Monday I went to a different drugstore and got the Ardell kind, which I have heard good things about, and I hope to find time to try them out this week!

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  1. Honestly, because it’s summer and I’m pregnant, which means I sweat like a pig on a spit and it makes my makeup melt off instantly, I’ve been doing the concealer-mascara-blush tango. I use undereye concealer all the way around both eyes, apply black mascara, and then some blush. It literally takes me a minute to do, and I look almost the same as when I try to do the whole shebang.

    I think we need to see pictures of you looking at the camera for the full before and after effect!

    1. I tried that but the day before I put them on I did a clay mask on my face and I looked absurdly blotchy 🙁

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