Playing Cards

Tiniest Bunting Ever

The next time I come up with a brilliant idea to make my own business cards, someone smack me, okay? I mean even if they are in lieu of actually making some non-custom banners like I’m supposed to do each month.

I needed some to send with a glitter banner that’s gonna be raffled off as part of a fund raiser for Nth Wave, but I was feeling too lazy to design them and get them printed professionally, and now I need to ship the banner TODAY and whoops, no cards. Soooo this afternoon I kinda half-assed something together and IDK I think they look alright. Not AMAZING, but I’m not a graphic designer so I just do what I can.

This would have all been fine except that my printer has decided it hates me and printed them out NOT at the size I made them, so all my calculations for cutting them went straight out the window. In order to get them approximately the same size (and shape, let’s be real here, they’re all trapezoids) I ended up having to cut millimeters off each side of each card. NOT FUN.


However, Im pretty pleased with the end result, I mean, they aren’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Feminist Killjoy Banner for Nth Wave

And hey, if you’re in Seattle and you’d like to lol at my attempts at making business cards in person, and even enter to win your very own fuchsia & black ♥FEMINIST♥KILLJOY♥ banner (which is MUCH BETTER than my business cards), then on the 12th you should go to this punk rock karaoke night!

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  1. they look so good! I still desperately need a feminist killjoy banner andddd punk rock karaoke? I think I can convince my people to go up to Seattle for just one night for something this great.

    1. I’ve gotten cards from moo before but their shipping to Canada is super slow & expensive :/ I actually already found a place here to get some real ones (AND SOME STICKERS 😀 !!) made but I procrastinated wayyyyy too long to order them, oops.

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