21 Weeks; Not Feeling It At All

This morning I was rushed and stressed and frazzled and my hair was all gross and there was literally nothing I wanted to do less than put on makeup and smile pretty for the camera. I figured I would hold off until this afternoon and I’d have time to fix my hair and stop being so grumpy and then we could take my pregnancy pics.

IT DIDN’T WORK OUT THAT WAY. Oh, sure, I washed & blowdried my hair so I didn’t look like a bag of rags anymore, but as it turns out the end of a long day of frustrating work isn’t the best time for putting on makeup and smiling pretty for the camera. In fact, when I pulled out my makeup I just looked at it and was like WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT because I’m just gonna have to wash it all off in a couple hours anyway. Plus it’s raining now so we were stuck taking pictures inside; I believe I’ve complained about the terrible lighting in here before. As a result of all of this I look tired and awful in all the pics (because I FEEL tired and awful tbh, not from being pregnant but from work) but LUCKILY I thought to get one where my face was obscured. So I guess there’s a silver lining?


Next week I’ll be on vacation so I’ll have nothing to do on Thursday except psych & make myself up for picture day, but until then please enjoy this other image where I’ve secretly replaced my baby belly with a fat cat.


I also put on new DIY lash extensions today, you can see them if you view that pic at full size. BE WARNED: you can also see all my pores.

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    1. I definitely think the lashes were worth it! This was my second time doing them and I used a different brand of glue/lashes this time (the first time I had a thicker glue & lashes with smaller knots) so I had to relearn how to do it with a slightly different technique, which was a little tricky but I got the hang of it. Last night I forgot I had them on a couple times and rubbed my eyes, which knocked a couple loose so I had to reapply them, but they are all still on this morning and still look great!

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