Omnivorous Me

Eating food while pregnant is kind of a drag. NOTHING is appealing to me right now, like I’m not grossed out by food, it just all seems so blahhhhhhhhhh. I hate cooking even more than normal because the idea of picking some food to make and then buying ingredients and preparing and cooking everything…. GET OUT OFF HERE.

All my food problems are totally being exacerbated by my semi-vegetarianism. I quit eating meat about a year ago and when I found out I was pregnant I was kind of worried I’d get like, INSATIABLE MEAT CRAVINGS. That hasn’t happened (mostly), so I’m still trying to not eat meat, bt ughughughugh, cooking a big meal with all vegetables and like, tofu or whatever is WAY more work than just grilling some chicken. Not that I want to do that either; raw meat is too gross for me to deal with.

Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve only had cravings for a couple meat products. One time I REALLY REALLY wanted this pasta dish from one of my favourite restaurants with chorizo in it, and another time I REALLY REALLY wanted some baked salmon, which I made myself. They were both good, but I haven’t particularly wanted either of them since. In fact, there’s only one meat product I’ve been craving regularly.


MCCHICKENS. Omg seriously give me all the McChickens in the world, nothing is as delicious as McChickens and it works out well because I also always want McDonald’s fries. SO GROSS I KNOW but I can’t help myself. There is no vegetarian or homemade or anything substitute for a gross-ass McChicken & fries from McDonald’s.

McChicken & Fries

Kinda want one now, actually.

My 21 week pregnancy pics will be up later today or maybe tomorrow morning, I was way too busy/stressed/grumpy this morning to smile for the camera.

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  1. I told you the best thing to do was give in and eat it! I’m exactly like this with Big Macs. I feel like eating one all the time. so gross but so good.

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