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Merida Popsicles

Last night Taylor and I took Sym to see Brave (and cried under my 3D glasses, both because of the movie AND the fact that for 3 tickets/popcorn/sodas it cost EIGHTY-FIVE DOLLARS omg) and in honour of the red-headed protagonist I made these delicious orange-ginger popsicles. They were really easy to make and easily my best effort since the lime mint ones.

four simple ingredients:

Merida (Orange Ginger) Popsicles
Merida (Orange Ginger) Popsicles

•fresh ginger

Merida (Orange Ginger) Popsicles

The first step is making ginger syrup: just throw the sugar, water and ginger into a saucepan, simmer & stir until all the sugar is dissolved, let cool and strain the ginger out. I used a quarter cup of sugar, a quarter cup of water and about 15 or so thin slices of fresh ginger root. Depending on how much syrup you want/how gingery you want it to be you can easily adjust these amounts.

Merida (Orange Ginger) Popsicles

Next comes the orange part. I would have liked to use blood oranges to get a redder colour but none of the stores by my house had any so I just used these organic valencia oranges I had sitting around. I always GROSSLY overestimate how much liquid my popsicle mold holds so I squeezed all nine oranges, resulting in 2 1/2 cups of juice, which was WAY too much (I really only needed about 1 to 1 1/2 cups to make seven popsicles). You could also just use store-bought orange juice if you don’t want to squeeze it yourself. Really! I won’t judge you.

Merida (Orange Ginger) Popsicles

Finally, mix your cooled ginger syrup with your orange juice, pour into the mold, freeze and enjoy! These popsicles are great, sweet and citrusy with a spicy kick at the end.

Merida (Orange Ginger) Popsicles
Merida (Orange Ginger) PopsiclesMerida (Orange Ginger) Popsicles

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  1. I just ordered a popsicle mold because yours always look so delicious! I can’t wait to try this one, but I don’t think you used a quarter cup of salt in your ginger syrup 😉

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