22 Weeks Part Two


As I mentioned yesterday, Taylor wanted to go out again to take pics during the magic photography hour. I agreed but tbh I wasn’t really feeling it- my belly was feeling all stretched out and sore and my face is a sick mess this week. On Tuesday afternoon it suddenly got REALLY itchy and that evening my cheeks and chin turned bright red and when I washed my face it felt like it was on fire. Now the whole thing is covered in rough scaly patches that are flaking off and all the dead skin is clogging my pores into a million blackheads and BASICALLY I HATE IT. This excessive amounts of dead skin cells on my face is a pregnancy problem I’ve been dealing with for months now, and I thought I finally had it in check with an exfoliating scrub, but now my skin is apparently too sensitive to even use my regular cleanser, let alone something with microbeads. WEAK. Anyway. You can see all the pics here (plus a bunch from the dog park, YAY!) but I think this one expresses my feelings about my appearance yesterday pretty well.


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