Mail Call

I stepped outside after lunch to throw something away and look what was waiting on my doormat:

Mail Call!

A package from my girl Sara! In case you don’t know she’s the artist who drew my portrait over at the top of my left-hand sidebar (you may have also seen her portraits of other bloggers on their sidebars but I INVENTED THE PRACTICE).

Art from Sara M Lyons

Inside was one of her limited edition “Sea Weed” prints (get your own here) and a cute little note on the back of one of her cards. It’s taken FOREVER for this to get here (USPS is slow as hale apparently) and I’m so excited to have it!

I’ve been buying prints like crazy (like, SIX IN AS MANY YEARS!) and once I take down the wall of kid art in the dining room and paint, that’s where they’re all going to go, I can’t wait! Right now it’s a strictly daycare area (tiny table & chairs) but I’m looking forward to having a real dining room for people over the age of five.

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