23 Weeks

hahahah idek what is going on here

After the last couple weeks of crabby, terrible pictures I figured it was about time I made more of an effort. I coloured my hair & dyed this dress (I’ll be posting my half-assed diy tomorrow, so exciting!) this week and I actually put on all my makeup today*, so I guess I look pretty okay? I feel terrible though so this is kind of a fake-it-til-you-make-it situation, except it’s not helping much and I’m still feeling angry and sad and frustrated and annoyed and OH YEAH in pain. It isn’t being pregnant that’s bothering me, it’s mostly this whole ultrasound situation, like my doctor STILL doesn’t have the results and it’s been over a week so what the hell. That’s kind of why I didn’t do another post today, everything I tried to write about my pregnancy just sounded like whining so after saving like, fifty different drafts I ended up trashing them all instead (you can thank me whenever).

The “in pain” part isn’t related to that (well, the EMOTIONAL pain is), but is due to my own stupidity. Last night I dragged Taylor to the store to buy stuff to make brownie sundaes. I was wearing flip-flops and because I’m apparently the clumsiest person who ever lived I somehow managed to bash my messed up pinky toe (the one I break all the time) against a man’s shoe???? I DON’T EVEN KNOW. Anyway it totally killed and I was blinking back tears and limping around the grocery store and it kind of ruined my brownie sundae experience. Today it is all swollen and painful so maybe I broke it again? WHO KNOWS, it barely even counts as a toe anymore and it breaks if I even look at it funny. Maybe I should just get it removed.

Anyway here’s some sweet photobooth pics I took since the poor image quality hides all my flaws. For this week’s makeup experiment I put the Candy Apple Lip Butter over this screwy MAGENTA lipliner I have for some inexplicable reason.

23 Weeks
23 Weeks
Taylor was going through the pics of me he just took
23 Weeks
until I pestered him into turning around
23 Weeks
my belly for good measure 😀

*actually I put it on and then cried it all off and put it on again this afternoon, which is why this post is so late, so I hope you all appreciate my efforts

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    1. lol that one kills me. I think there were a couple where I was making a more normal face with the same light going on but Taylor prefers to upload pics where I look silly.

  1. You know, you look so content, and I think it’s neat to see you experiencing this pregnancy at this point in your life. It’s different from your first one, and you’re going to produce a new kid that’s as excellent as Sym, I can just tell.

    It’s funny you mentioned you dyed that dress, because I was going to ask where you bought it! 😀

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