Trash & Garbage

Sometimes being pregnant makes you do crazy things. Yesterday one of the daycare kids had some kind of Asian-y noodle dish for lunch and immediately I was like OH MY GOD IF I DON’T EAT SOME FREAKIN CHOW MEIN RIGHT NOW I’M LITERALLY GOING TO DIE. It was beyond a craving, it was a requirement for continuing to exist on this physical plane.

I could have made something myself, but that really seemed like a lot of work. Taylor suggested I order from some expensive place we ordered from once before but meh, the order minimum was more than I wanted to pay and tbh, it wasn’t that great anyway. I decided my best option was to get the cheapest & most convenient takeout I could find: Ho Ho’s Yummy Food on Davie St. It’s two blocks from my house and a “one topping” (rice or noodles with some kind of meat or veggie dish) is $5. SIGN ME UP. Of course I got the noodles I needed, topped with some sweet & sour pork. JUST LOOK AT THIS TRAIN WRECK:

"Chinese" "Food"

SO GROSS SO GOOD. I basically inhaled it, and just to up the trashness factor, while I was eating I read book 2 of the Sweet Valley High The Sweet Life e-serial, Lies and Omissions. I read the first book on the weekend and they are just terrible. TERRIBLE. And why are the called “The Sweet Life” when everything that happens to every character is awful? The mind boggles.

Trash lunch and trash reading: the perfect combination.

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