24 Weeks

I’m late!


These are from yesterday. It’ll be a lot easier to get my pics up in time once I’m done working (still about a month and a half away, but only 19 days of actual work after today); last night I had to shower after work and after that fixing my hair and putting on makeup just for a few pictures seemed pretty pointless. It basically took all my energy to juts put on clean clothes.

This tank top is from the H&M ~best basics~ or whatever, I think it’s the same style as the black one I wore two weeks ago. These tanks are great: cheap as hell and sized weird enough that a medium fits me. The jeans are from Asos maternity, and I love them SO MUCH. They are a faded leopard print skinny jean with stretchy panels in the front pockets, which I like a lot better than the big waist panel. I love everything I’ve gotten from Asos maternity, actually, although my advice is to SIZE DOWN: I’m a US10 and their conversion chart says that is the same as a UK14, but that’s unwearably big on me. I got the jeans in a UK12/US8 and the fit is much better.


I’m still feeling pretty good, in spite of some insomnia (this morning I was so tired I snoozed my alarm for 40 minutes, which wasn’t good since it’s set for only 45 minutes before I start work). During the day I get physically tired and out of breath easily- I was cleaning the floors today and I had to take a break between moving things and vacuuming and mopping each room, and forget walking up hills! That particularly sucks because I live LITERALLY at the highest point of downtown, so coming home from anywhere is uphill. Last Friday I was so exhausted by walking home from the beach I fell asleep almost immediately.

Baby Laramie has been kicking and wiggling and moving like crazy recently and the other night she kicked hard enough for me to see my belly move! I still feel the most movement when I’m lying on my back, so I kind of want to do that all the time, but it’s starting to get hard for me to breathe in that position so I have to cut it out. I’m actually feeling a lot right now while I’m sitting up, which is awesome!

I’m getting really excited to meet this baby. Only sixteen more weeks, which really doesn’t sound like very long. Which means I REALLY need to get to work on all my baby plans for the house!

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  1. I am loving Asos lately but, yeah, their sizing is way off – I had to return my stuff twice because, according to them, I’m apparently a size I haven’t been since middle school. They’re right up there with Loft and Old Navy in terms of vanity sizing!

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