Mommy Symmie Day

Mommy Symmie Time

Since I had a surprise day off yesterday I had a lot of extra time to spend with Sym.

Sometimes, with work and school and time at her dad’s and her wanting to hang out with her friends more, I feel like I don’t see enough of her. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about when she was a baby and how we were always together and i really miss it, the three years I spent staying home with her were some of the best years of my life (only the Sym part though, everything else sucked LOL).

Sym at Lunch

To catch up I took her out for a special lunch, just me and her. We had a Japanese feast and talked and joked. She’s so funny and smart and kind, when she isn’t being a surly tween she’s so great to hang around with. Sometimes I still can’t believe that my tiny child has grown into this beautiful young lady.

Mommy Symmie Time

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