Woodland Nursery

Back when I first found out I was pregnant I almost immediately started planning out the baby’s room. The very day I told my family, Sym borrowed Taylor’s ipad so we could lie in bed and look at the Ikea baby furniture. It’s a good thing we did too, because Ikea baby furniture is all I’m getting! I looked at a lot of stores and websites and all the cribs were either super ugly, super expensive or some combination thereof. I’m jealous of all my friends in the US who can go to Target or order off Amazon and find cute, affordable things, because that is NOT the case here. After a lot of deliberation I narrowed my choices down to three cribs that I liked: one from Ikea that costs $140, and two that are $1000. GUESS WHICH ONE I SETTLED ON.

The baby’s room is the smallest in the house, so I didn’t want a load of big, dark heavy furniture crowding it. I like the Hensvik crib because it’s cheap but also a little cute, fairly dainty and white, and that the matching changing table converts to a shelf unit when you don’t need it for diapering anymore. The closet in the room is actually the biggest in the house, so I’m just going to get whatever chest of drawers and put it in there, out of the way, and the only other piece of furniture I need is a comfy armchair. Taylor and I tried out a lot and this one is was the most comfortable, and matches nicely with our colour scheme (I’m allowing one piece of dark furniture, since it’s fabric. HIDE THOSE STAINS!).

I knew right away I wanted a semi-woodland theme with browns, greens and a little red (nevermind that’s already the colour scheme in the living room AND the kids’ living room AND the future dining room), but I REALLY got into it when Taylor and I went to Ikea in May and saw the Vandring line. Somehow I managed to contain my delight and only bought three things: the duvet set (to use when the baby is bigger, obviously you can’t use a duvet and a pillow with a baby) and a couple of stuffies. My mom is making us a set of crib bumpers, curtains, a quilt and a pillow for the chair, so I have all that covered as well.

Vandring Hare & Rav soft toys

Of course, before I start filling the room with furniture I need to paint it. Thankfully I already came up with a colour scheme because the choices are overwhelming.

All the Paint Colours
I went with Benjamin Moore colours because that is what the hardware store by my house carries.

Since the room is so small I want a light wall colour, so to narrow down my choices I found the paint colours that I felt came closest to the three browns in my palette and then picked the lightest shade from that group. Here’s what I ended up with:

mellow pinkgentle butterflycandle white
l-r: Mellow Pink; Gentle Butterfly; Candle White

I’d basically planned to go with a light beige or cream, and the first colour certainly fits the bill there. I’m surprised by the two shades of pink (and I SWEAR they are different shades!), although I kind of like Mellow Pink. But could I paint my baby daughter’s room pink without feeling like a gender stereotyping asshole? I guess I’ll have to actually go to the store and see how these look NOT on my computer screen to decide.

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    1. That’s the one Taylor likes, he is not on board with the pinky shades AT ALL. I think I yelled at him about gender stereotypes too much.

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