26 Weeks (Plus One Day)


Today was a running-through-the-sprinkler kind of day. It was the last day for two of my favourite daycare kids and my neighbor lent me this octopus sprinkler for them to run around in (I actually have a similar one, but I couldn’t remember what I did with it). Taylor came out and tried to take a few pics but that crazy octopus sprayed water all over the backyard so it was basically impossible for him to take the kind of pictures he wanted and he got annoyed (and sprayed).


My bikini top is from Asos (it’s not available in grey/green anymore but they have it in brown/pink), I chose it because it came in size ginormous and the matching bottoms have a yoga pants-like foldover waistband. My shorts are from American Apparel, I try not to shop there so much but I LITERALLY couldn’t find shorts like this that fit me anywhere else, and they were only $8 so I caved.


I’m kind of dying at my big baby belly next to Symmie’s flat tummy (she has honest-to-god ABS). Of course then I think about how last time I had a big baby belly that flat-tummied girl was all tiny inside it and I get all emotional. GOD it’s so weird how one day you have a tiny baby and then you blink and suddenly you’re 35 and that baby is a long-limbed preteen. Kind of freaks me out tbh.


… and now I’m on vacation until the 13th, plus once I’m back to work I’ll only be working three days a week for three weeks and then I’M DONE. For a whole year!

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  1. my mom STILL gets sappy about how I used to be a little baby. Like, I’m 23 and if we’re out and see a baby she goes “i remember when you used to be that small and I could just scoop you up…”

  2. It scares me how fast time goes. I want my babies to be babies forever. But I keep getting excited for them to get older so I can do fun things with them and teach them things.

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