1. Sym’s cat Luna (at her dad’s house); 2. a box of books and things she packed up from her room to save for the baby; 3-5. glow bracelets on Claire, Sym’s bed, and Sym & her friend Ana Lucia, 6 & 7. fireworks!; 8. Hello Kitty temporary tattoos

I feel like I’ve been a really bad blogger this week. I totally missed my 26 week pictures yesterday, I have a few other posts I meant to do that I haven’t even started, and even this post, which is a super low effort post, is later in the day than normal. This week has just been crazy busy at work; it’s my last full, five-day week, and I had an extra baby here for most of it, as well as two kids whose parents had orginally given notice for July 31st but ended up staying for the whole week. In addition to working 9 1/2 hour days at my job, I’ve been super swamped with etsy orders- I’ve made & shipped six glitter banners in the past two days alone, and I’m not even done with my current orders! Thankfully I’m off all next week, so I’ll be able to catch up on that, and housework, and maybe even tackle my storage room (ya right).

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