Super Mega Extreme Catch Up Post + Weekended

Instead of trying to post all the posts I missed posting last week, instead I’m just going to do one big post so I can start fresh.

Fireworks Night!
Glowing Girls at the Fireworks

On Wednesday Taylor and I took Sym and her friend to the second night of the Celebration of Light. I had given Sym a tube of glow bracelets and told them to put on as many as they wanted. This wa s a brilliant plan because 1. they thought I was SUPER COOL, and 2. I could see them anywhere. They were running around the field at the bottom of the hill we were sitting on and I could see exactly where they were the whole time, even though it was dark.

Sym had her phone and took some pictures to Instagram (I posted them on Friday), but I told her to not get so caught up in taking pictures that she missed the whole fireworks. Then I happened to turn around and there was a kid about her age behind us, filming the whole display on an iPad held up in front of his face. Like, he didn’t look at the actual fireworks ONCE, he just watched them on his iPad screen. WEIRD.

Anyway I actually took a billion pictures, but I only looked at my camera long enough to get the fireworks in kind-of focus and then I just held it in the same spot and didn’t actually look at any of the pics until… well, until right now!

Brazil FireworksBrazil Fireworks
Brazil FireworksBrazil Fireworks
Brazil Fireworks
Brazil FireworksBrazil Fireworks
Brazil Fireworks
Brazil FireworksBrazil Fireworks

Some of them even look alright if you don’t view them full size and you squint a little.

Popsicle Time!Triple Lemonade Popsocle

I put Sym in charge of making popsicles this week, so she decided to use all three kinds of lemonade we had in the house: cherry, raspberry and classic. She made two of each flavour individually, and I helped her make this striped triple-lemonade popsicle, which she saved for herself.

26 Weeks 2 Days

I wore this beautiful mint green dress from Asos Maternity for the first time, and since I am an idiot I spilled orange juice on the chest before I even left the house. SMOOTH MOVE, ME. I spent some quality time blotting the stain with baking soda in the afternoon and I think I got the it out, phew! Unfortunately I didn’t get any other pictures that show how lovely this dress really is, but I’m going to try and wear it again soon- maybe on Thursday for 27 week pictures?

We got up suuuuuuuper early on Saturday to go to the farmer’s market as our favourite hummus vendor was going to be there. He’s only been at the market by our house every four weeks or so, so Taylor STOCKED UP and spent something like $70 on hummus. I know that seems insane but it’s like, REALLY GOOD. And now we have a ton in the freezer to get us through the lean hummus weeks.

The Red Wagon

After the market my friend Jenn picked us up and we went for brunch at The Red Wagon. Taylor had their famous pulled pork pancakes with Jack Daniels maple syrup.

Pulled Pork Pancakes @ The Red Wagon

I had plain buttermilk pancakes- but asked for them a la mode, of course. The waiter laughed but I swear this is the best, most delicious thing in the world.

Pancakes a la Mode @ The Red Wagon

Jenn just moved and doesn’t have internet at her new place yet. Sym was HORRIFIED by this information.

Symmie @ The Red Wagon

After we got home I conscripted Sym into sorting out the storage room with me. I was DESPERATE to find a box of her old baby clothes I knew were in there somewhere, and I really wanted to start clearing some stuff out to make room for more stuff so there’s room in the house for all the baby stuff. We ended up getting rid of five huge bins, and I found the baby clothes! Sym and I went through them all and I got super emotional over things like the first outfit I bought for her and her first Halloween costume that I made and her first Christmas outfit and her first bikini and all these teeny-tiny sweaters my mom knitted. I even found these adorable booties one of my very first internet friends sent me back in 2001.

Teeny Booties from 2001

Awwwwww :’) I have to say, it was really smart of me to get pregnant at exactly the same time of year with this baby as with Sym, because all the cute things I saved will fit Baby Laramie when they are seasonally appropriate.

Two Pommies

Later on Sym went to her dad’s, and I hung around with the doggies while Taylor ran errands. Errands like buying his dog a new shirt for Pride! Kichou loves getting dressed up, he literally almost exploded with delight when Taylor showed it to him. He even tried to jump into it!

Fuzzy & Proud

We spent a good portion of the evening marathoning The Secret Circle (after I found out it had been cancelled I didn’t want to watch it anymore, but now I have to finish it). We were sprawled on the couch in the middle of an episode when I heard the first warning firework- it was the final night of the Celebration of Light and I FORGOT! I’d actually just talked about it at brunch that morning, but somehow completely spaced. We could have made it down to the beach in time to watch it, but I wasn’t feeling very well (pregnancy problems :/) so we decided to skip it.

Today we woke up pretty early again so we could get ready to go to the weekend’s biggest event: the Vancouver Pride Parade! Last year we ran down there at the last minute and arrived just as the parade was starting, but I knew there was no way I’d be able to stand around in the sun for two and a half hours this time so we went and got a spot an hour early so I could bring a chair. Sym’s dad ended up bring her to watch it with us (he can’t stand parades) and it was really fun. Really hot though. Taylor brought his camera with a brand new huge memory card and took well over a thousand pictures, some of which I’ll share once he sorts through and uploads them, but for now here’s a preview I like to call “baby’s first being glitter bombed by a drag queen.”

Glitter Bombed

We all had showers when we got back to the house and we all still have glitter on us!

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