My Week With Sym

For some reason I thought that I would have tons of time to spend with Sym in August, seeing as how I’m now only working three days a week. Obviously this week we hung out a lot, but I didn’t take into consideration all the other weeks. This coming week she’s spending dad (except for Tuesday night). I’m going to be away the 24th-27th (note to internet stalking burglars: I’ll have someone staying here to looking after my fleet of vicious guard dogs & my razor-clawed cat, so like. DON’T GET ANY IDEAS). She’ll be going to her grandparents’ from the 28th-30th and then having a hotel slumber party with her stepmom on the 31st. Then on September 4th she’s back at school! I really can’t believe how quickly the summer is passing, and once I realized what was up I decided to spend as much time doing Symmie stuff as I could during my week of vacation.

The one thing I absolutely promised her we’d do was go to the beach, but OF COURSE as soon as I got caught up enough on my etsy orders to take a day off, the weather turned into a butt. We didn’t manage to get down to the beach until Friday. It was windy as hell and not as sunny as I’d hoped, but we still had the best time in the world.

Baby Laramie on the Beach
Sym on the Beach

Some other stuff we did this week…

We moved all the tissue paper pompoms from the nap room and some tissue tassels from garlands and hung them over her bed like a canopy.

Pompom CanopyPompom Canopy

We made some string art a la my friend Meg at Radical Possibility.

String Art

Sym’s turned out 1,000% better than mine, I tried to do something with the nail placement and ended up messing the whole thing up OH WELL.

We went shopping and she helped me pick out baby clothes (YES MORE BABY CLOTHES WHATEVER IT’S FINE I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM), a maternity coat and some cozy pajamas to wear after the baby is born.

maternity jacket & jams
jacket is here; pajamas no longer available

We watched Megamind, read books together in my room, talked and laughed to the point where I couldn’t breathe, and ate a lot of ice cream and candy. I’m so happy I was able to spend this week with her before the rest of the summer blows past!

Sym on the Beach

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  1. I love this post :] it sounds like you guys had so much fun. I want a canopy like that! And I can’t tell which string art is which.

    1. SYM’S IS WAY BETTER I tried to do a pattern with mine, like I printed out an image and tried to put the nails in specific places and it did not work at all and then a bunch of them were too close together and I was like WELL FUCK. I think I’m going to take the string off and try again lol.

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