Cute Things

cute or die
image from Aranzi Machine Gun, vol 1; found here

I am literally this rabbit. Sometimes I’ll be out running errands with Taylor, buying stuff like underbed storage bins for blankets and a paper towel roll holder, and I’ll stumble across something cute and say “WHAT IF I BOUGHT DRYER BALLS SHAPED LIKE LITTLE HEDGEHOGS? DOING LAUNDRY WOULD BE SO CUTE!” or “WHAT IF I BOUGHT A LITTLE FLOCK OF BIRD-SHAPED MAGNETS TO USE ON MY BIRD SHAPED MAGNET BOARD? PUTTING UP REMINDERS WOULD BE SO CUTE!”

Hedgehog Dryer Balls
Bird Magnets on Bird Magnet Board

… and then I buy them and GUESS WHAT??? Doing laundry and putting up reminders IS so cute. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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    1. They are supposed to help fluff up your laundry while it’s drying so it takes less time and energy and your laundry comes out nicer or something. Mostly they seem to thump around in the dryer but WHO CARES THEY’RE CUTE 😀

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