Photobooth SF

Tintypes from Photobooth
Tintypes from Photobooth
As mentioned in my last post, here are our tintype portraits from Photobooth. These are digital copies they emailed to us; Taylor still has the actual tintypes with him.

These pictures are so amazingly cool & everyone at Photobooth is a delight, so if you ever find yourself in SF I HIGHLY recommend you check them out at 1193 Valencia Street!

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    1. The tintypes are 4×5″, but you can get bigger photo enlargements of them. The reason for the size is the picture is taken right onto the metal, so you need a camera that it will fit in. The night before we went there was their 1 year anniversary party and they were doing 8×10 tintypes, I’m so sad we missed it T___T Anyway they cost $60 each.

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