31 Weeks

Photobooth again this week; Taylor had his wisdom teeth out today and is in no way capable of working a camera.

31 Weeks

So. Thirty-one weeks! Only nine weeks left. That seems like an impossibly short amount of time to get everything done before the baby arrives, especially considering the fact that although the leaking pipe in the wall between the baby’s room and the linen closet has been repaired (finally!), there are now large pieces of drywall and sections of baseboard missing, plus carpets that need to be replaced, plus I’m pregnant and tired and how am I supposed to do anything anyways?

I’m not in a very good pregnant mood today. Whenever people ask me how I’m doing (with that sympathetic head-tilt because they assume I feel like garbage) I reply “I feel great!” because most of the time I do feel great. I mean sure I have some problems I’m dealing with but nothing I can’t handle, except sometimes I don’t want to handle them. So yes, I am tired and out of breath a lot of the time and it makes it hard to do things. I can’t really bend over anymore which makes cleaning and putting on my shoes really difficult (the other day I was sitting on the bench by my front door and asked Taylor to pass me my shoes and he put them on the floor next to me. I was like “… what am I supposed to do with those???”). I get so exhausted by 9:30pm that it’s hard to stay awake, but if I go to bed that early I’ll wake up at 3am and not be able to fall back asleep for hours. And finally, trying hard not to be too TMI here, but I am having significant problems in the bathroom department, which is frustrating in and of itself but what is almost MORE frustrating is people trying to give me advice about how to deal with it. Yesterday a really well meaning person suggested I try massaging my stomach. Um. WHAT STOMACH???? All my internal organs have been replaced by a baby, the same baby that is causing all the problems in the first place and therefore does not deserve a massage (jk I love my baby even if she is being RUDE to me right now)!

Anyway. That’s all the pity party I have time for today, since I have laundry to fold, etsy orders to finish, dishes to wash, garbage to take out and a drugged-up husband to look after.

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