Rosie’s Meats

When I was in San Francisco I had the pleasure of finally meeting some of the women from my internet discussion group, including the super talented Kate. She runs the Full Frontal Fromage cheese blog, and recently launched an etsy shop, Rosie’s Meats, where she sells gorgeous throw pillows in the shape of- you guessed it- MEAT.

Rosie's Meats T-Bone Pillow

Way back when this was just a twinkle in her eye (inspired by the GENIUS steak costume she made for herself last year) I knew I’d absolutely have to have one, so I ended up buying one before my trip so I could pick it up from her in person. Originally I’d planned to put it in the baby’s room, but once I saw one in real life I decided to keep it out on the couch in the living room where everyone could see it. It combines some of my favourite things:
1) supporting my friends/small business
2) weird housewares
3) things that aren’t food but look like food

Georgie Approved

All of the Rosie’s Meats pillows are hand printed, sewn and stuffed in San Francisco. They are made from 100% cotton eco-friendly upholstery-weight twill fabric, with locally sourced materials used whenever possible. Right now the only available meat pillow is the t-bone steak, but she’ll have some bacons coming soon, as well as a set of mini-meat ornaments for the holidays.

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