I think I kind of overexerted myself this weekend- I felt great on Friday so I just like… threw caution to the wind and did whatever I wanted. On Saturday that was an all-day prenatal class I’d signed us up for (more for Taylor’s benefit than mine) and on Sunday it was running a bunch of necessary but exhausting errands. As a result of all this I was KILLED yesterday. In the morning I had my biweekly checkup with my doctor (everything looks good!) and Taylor took my out for brunch, and that was LITERALLY all I accomplished. I came home and crawled into bed until it was time to meet Sym after school!

As a result I’m way behind on housework and etsy orders, which kind of sucks. I mean, I’m not BEHIND behind on orders, but I wanted to have some finished I’m currently in the middle of, and I wanted to have some started I’m just getting to. This morning I finished and shipped a few things, and made this nice template so I can include a note with birthday gift banners.

Happy Birthday Note

Prior to this I’d enclosed hand-written notes but I always felt kind of weird writing something from a stranger to another stranger. Now I can just add some text to this and print it out!

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