Painting Progress

The leaking pipe has been fixed, the walls and baseboards have been repaired and replaced, and next week (hopefully) the new carpet is being installed, so this weekend is for painting!

Painting Progress

Usually I do the majority of painting around here (I’m just REALLY REALLY good at it and also a control freak), but this time it’s really been up to Taylor. Being pregnant has just robbed me of all my painting skills! This morning I taped around the baseboards and door/window frames, and it tired me out so much I needed to have a nap! If I’d had to tape around the ceiling as well I don’t even know what I would have done.

Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for Taylor) the previous tenant painted the ceiling in that room blue, which I haaaaaaaaaated (you can see a before here, please note that I inadvertently painted the walls the same shade of blue). Since we chose an off-white (Benjamin Moore Candle White) for the walls I figured we might as well use it on the ceiling I mean WHY NOT.

Anyway the whole room needs another coat but that can wait until tomorrow, and then hopefully next weekend we’ll be buying all the furniture, which is good because I’m like… 33 weeks now O____o WHERE IS THIS PREGNANCY GOING IN SUCH A HURRY???

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  1. Just repainted the wall in living room it was so dark. i like it much better. It also took 2 coats. Painting is finished for a year or three. ox

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