The Early Bird

Early Breakfast
tiny waffles* and tea

Sometimes you just wake up in the middle of the night and find that you are done with sleep. Maybe you start thinking about The Secret of NIMH for some reason and positively, absolutely need to refresh your memory of its finer plot points and end up in a wikipedia spiral. Maybe you went to bed at a reasonable (okay, midnight-ish) time instead of staying up to eat and now you’re STARVING. Maybe you just realized that hey, it’s October third. It’s cold at night. You can’t just sleep with a light blanket anymore, it’s duvet season now.

Also, this.

All of that happened to me this morning when I found myself wide awake at 3:30. Seeing as how I went to bed at that midnight-ish time I’m guessing today is going to be pretty filled with napping, but that’s alright with me because guess what?

the book is there weighing down the curled-up rug, I knew those Song of Ice and Fire books had to have some use
Changing Table (+ Cat)
this is Claire’s new favourite room
sorry these pictures are crap, it’s a tiny room and there’s not a lot of light, especially at 5:30 in the morning

IT’S ALL DONE. Well I mean, obviously the decorating part isn’t done, and we still need to buy a few small things (side table, floor lamp, space heater because that room can be chilly & I don’t want a frozen baby), but all the furniture building I thought was going to take me weeks and weeks? With Sym’s help I got it finished in about four hours! I did need Taylor to move some things around at the end, but I still contend I can build Ikea furniture better than any man, and I’m passing on that legacy to my daughter.

Cozy Sym & Georgie
she also woke up early this morning (not as early as me though) and I didn’t have the heart to send her back to bed

So now I’m for really and truly real starting to feel more prepared for this baby to be born, and maybe now time will start dragging? idk though, tomorrow I’ll be 35 weeks and it feels like just yesterday I was 34 weeks. Heck, it feels like just yesterday I was making this post!

*I found these crammed in the back of the freezer and eating them gave me weird flashbacks to being pregnant with Sym, when I was super poor and basically lived on Eggos :/

13 Replies to “The Early Bird”

    1. It so is, we tested out all the armchairs to see which was the comfiest, and then retested it every time we were in Ikea.

  1. IMO men are the worst at building Ikea furniture for the most part. It comes with the territoriality of being horrible at receiving directions.

    The nursery is looking super cute though!

  2. The nursery looks great so far! I really like that changing table and of course, the grey chair. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    1. Thank you! It’ll be even cuter once I get all the textile stuff my mom is making and maybe figure out some art to put up.

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