Return of the Night Ninjas

I have kind of a love-hate-fear relationship with raccoons. I love them because they have such cute little faces and hands, I hate them because they make a mess of the yard, and I fear them because they are scary and vicious and freakishly strong and have huge fangs to tear and rend flesh. Their canine teeth are bigger than Dougal’s, and that is NOT RIGHT.

Luckily when they come around I’m able to observe them from behind the windows of my basement apartment: all the cute silly raccoon action without the terror!

Taylor Laramie: Wildlife Photographer

Taylor Laramie: Wildlife Photographer. He was trying to take a picture with his phone and it was not working- the flash kept firing omg you can’t take a picture through a window with flash!!! Luckily I have a supremely steady hand so I was able to get some only slightly terrible pictures of our visitors.

Night Ninjas :P
Night Ninjas
Night Ninjas

I just realized the reflection of my camera hand in the glass makes it look like I’m holding the raccoon’s head O___o FREAKY!

In other news from around the internet…

Today is the last day to vote for my friend Jessica’s daughter Kyra in the Vans Natural Foods Bedhead Contest. You can read all about their reasons for wanting to win here, and please please please go vote!

Some of my talented & beautiful lady friends started a new site a few weeks ago, Least Likely, and it is AWESOME. And as of today, I’m their official mommy blogger! I KNOW SO COOL RIGHT? So check out my post, check out the whole site, check out everything!

10 Replies to “Return of the Night Ninjas”

    1. they always do little window high-fives. There was another one out there (there were actually three) that kept trying to bite our fingers through the window O___O

    1. I want to be friends with them but they are so scary! My friend knows a girl who fought a raccoon to save her dog and the thing tore her entire calf open and she needed like, 300 stitches O____O

      Also thank you!!!! I’m so happy people like my post 🙂

    1. I love LL 😀 I am trying to figure out what to write for my next post but I’m just a big ball of pregnancy feels rn so I can’t form a coherent sentence.

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