Meanwhile, In Glitterland

After my two crab-tastic posts last week I think it’s time for something a little lighter, so here’s a post literally entirely about SPARKLES.

I’ve been busting my butt working on banners recently. I got a TON of orders in the first couple weeks of October and I don’t want to fall behind and then go into labour and never get caught up once the baby arrives. I also don’t want to close my shop right now and lose all the good momentum I’m building!

Here are some things I’ve finished recently:

Sweet Dreams Mini Banner

This is actually the first ever banner I’ve made for myself! It’s a mini banner in my new turquoise (more on that in a minute) and I’m going to hang it on the baby’s cradle, if I ever finish painting it.

Symphony Mini Banner

Last Friday we had Sym’s birthday party- originally we’d planned it for November 2nd, but I started to get paranoid I’d go into labour and we’d have to postpone it indefinitely so I rescheduled it at the last minute. I made these mini name banners for her and all her friends’ goody bags, but unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the other ones before giving them away.

Little Pancakes Mini Banner

This mini banner is for my friend Melissa’s jewelry business. She has an etsy shop but also does craft fairs and wanted a little banner to go right on her table (she already has a full-size one). I’ve also finally put up a listing for custom mini banners here.

It's a Girl (extra-large banner)

This might look like a regular banner but it’s actually EXTRA LARGE, with letters 5.25″ tall instead of 3.5″. People actually ask me quite often if I can make banners with larger letters, but the problem is that while they want the bigger letters, they don’t want to pay a bigger price so I generally never do it. This banner is for a feminist party, not a baby shower.

Chris & Laura

I am SO THRILLED with how this one turned out! It’s for a wedding; the couple used these cute little faces on their invitations and asked me if I could recreate them in glitter (OF COURSE I CAN).

Rosie's Meats

Another craft fair banner! This one is for Rosie’s Meats (obviously), hence the cute little steaks. Kate has bacon pillows available in her shop now, and soon she’ll have mini meat ornaments of bacon, t-bone and ribeye (I’ve seen them and they are very cute).


And finally, there’s what I meant by new turquoise! When I got the new glitter colours the other week they were actually picked up by Sym’s dad and grandma at a store out in the suburbs. I was given one sample of each colour and then they went back to pick up more sheets of the colours I wanted (all of them!), but I didn’t realize until last week that they’d actually gotten me this extra colour which I’d never gotten a sample of! I falls right between the mint and the colour I’d originally called turquoise, so I renamed the old turquoise to peacock and this is the NEW turquoise.

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