Weird Dreams

So everyone knows that when you are pregnant you have MESSED UP dreams. I guess it’s a combination of anxiety and hormones? Anyway here are my top three weirdest dreams I’ve had so far.

1. I had the baby and she was perfectly healthy but tiny, like a baby kitten. In this dream everyone wanted to hold her and I was like NO SHE’S TOO SMALL BACK OFF (I feel like this isn’t far off to how I will actually react to people trying to hold my actual, normal sized baby, tbh).

2. I was this pregnant but still working and somehow it was the dead of winter? It was all snowy outside and I had to get like, eight kids ready to go pick up Sym from school in all their outdoor gear, and every time I thought I was done I’d find another kid who needed to get dressed up! This dream in particular pissed me off because I’m not working right now,s o why am I having work anxiety dreams? NOT FAIR.

3. I had the baby and it was a boy who had some sort of rapid aging disease where he grew to man-size really fast but still had a baby brain. Oh and he looked exactly like Taylor. This dream was creepy as hell, I had to do all the things you have to do to take care of a tiny baby but with a giant man MAKE OF THAT WHAT YOU WILL.

BONUS DREAM THAT TAYLOR HAD: I died in childbirth (wow, thanks) and he had to raise our baby on his own. He was really proud of his dream-self for not giving up and moving back to his hometown, but I just wanted to know if he was sad in his dream.

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