38 Weeks 1 Day

I meant to take pictures & make this post yesterday but my hair was absurdly in need of a cut and the earliest I could get an appointment for was 5pm. Then when I got home I was too tired and sore to do anything but collapse on the couch. Actually first I collapsed in the bath and then I collapsed on the couch. Basically I was just collapsing everywhere.

38 Weeks

So. 38 weeks! That’s pretty much done, I guess. My doctor seems confident that this baby will make her appearance fairly close to her due date (November 8th), so it could be a couple weeks more but still, she could arrive at any time, and you know what?


I’m starting to get pretty nervous about this whole going into labour thing. When I had Sym, my water broke well before my labour really started (I guess I was having contractions, but so mild I couldn’t even tell), so I was admitted to the hospital basically right away and ended up being induced. I knew when the contractions were going to start, I was surrounded by medical personnel, everything was in a like… controlled environment with people telling me what was going to happen and when. So this idea of contractions just starting whenever they feel like it and timing them and everything is kind of making me bug out! (Obviously I know people do this all the time blah blah blah but I’M ALLOWED TO HAVE MY FEELINGS OKAY.)

Other than my omg feelings, we are pretty much prepared for the baby around here. I mean, I have to finish making the mobile I started and I want to get some little shelves and pictures for the nursery, as well as a side table that is proving ANNOYINGLY IMPOSSIBLE to find, but those things aren’t really important. The nursery is all done otherwise, and I’ve finally finished repainting the cradle to use in our bedroom (I was having trouble finding sheets for its little mattress and then I discovered a king pillowcase is exactly the right size- how cute is that??). All the bottles and clothes and blankets are washed. I have a basket of tiny diapers waiting on the change table. My mom has stocked up on the world’s best diapering salve for me and made curtains and a crib skirt and pillows for the nursery. Taylor has sorted it out with his office that he’s going to take a week off and then work from home for six weeks after the baby arrives, which is AMAZING- hopefully with both of us here night and day we can each get some sleep (lol yeah right). So I guess do your worst, baby, because we’re ready for you, as ready as we’re gonna be.

38 Weeks

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  1. I would think it’s totally normal to have some pre-baby-birthing stress. I mean come on! But I’m glad you guys are all ready. Go Laramies!

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