Cradle Robber

Sweet Dreams

When Taylor and I took our pre-natal class the instructor talked about how right towards the end of the pregnancy your HARD-CORE nesting instincts will kick in and you’ll want to undertake a bunch of big projects. She suggested that we resist this urge and take the time to relax and rest up, saving our energy for labour and delivery. Of course, me being me I was like…

… and decided to refinish a cradle. It was given to me by Sym’s grandma to use in our bedroom when Baby Laramie is very tiny, and while the shape was nice and it was in good condition, the colour was oogly and I got a bunch of splinters from it. Basically nothing that couldn’t be fixed with some sanding and painting! I’m ridiculous and thought it’d take me two days to finish this refinishing, but I kind of overestimated my energy levels and how tedious it would be to do all the little spindly bars, so it took more like two WEEKS. In the end it was worth it because I’m basically In Love with the results.

Finished Cradle with Dog

I didn’t bother taking before or in progress pictures because who cares. I mean, it’s pretty straightforward: sand off the old finish, a couple of coats of primer, a couple of coats of paint and boom, done. I considered painting the whole thing turquoise but in the end I went with light grey because I already had the paint (it’s the same one we used for Taylor’s desk) and I wanted to do this on the cheap.

Cradle Flower Panel Detail

I decided to add some cuteness with a little floral detail on one end panel in turquoise, yellow, and grey acrylic paint and black Sharpie. If I was more ambitious I’d paint flowers on the other end and maybe the rockers as well but I think I need to stop. I have other projects to do anyway, I mean, these hand-embroidered felt leaves aren’t going to assemble themselves into a mobile, are they?

Felt Leaves

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  1. I always like the little finishing things you do the best! You have ideas I wish I had and always want to copy when you’re done!

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