Things Are Happening

I don’t know whether or not I’m going to get around to taking belly pictures today. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and she said I could possible go into labour tonight, and then I came home and passed my mucous plug (SORRYYYYYY I know that sounds gross). Also, this happened:

Jezebel Banners

… and my etsy BLEW UP overnight so I guess BYE BYE to my free time because I’m swamped in orders now. SWAMPED, it’s nuts! Of course this would happen right before I have a baby, haha.

P.S. the Jezebel commentary is positive, they were goofing around.

11 Replies to “Things Are Happening”

  1. SO HAPPY FOR YEW. Luckily, I placed my order right before you got popular, so I ordered art from Unicorn Parade before it was cool .

    Also, it took me a moment to realize it was a joke. I was getting my snarky gloves on, but realized to settle down on time.

    1. A lot of people were confused about the tone of it, but the woman who made the post messaged me to say they were being meta about feminist killjoy-ism, haha.

      I actually have just one small “Noel” banner to make before I start yours, so depending on what this baby is up to I might be able to finish it in time to ship on Monday.

  2. Exciting!!! And it’s so awesome that your Etsy is getting tons of business from it! I really need to order from you soon (or maybe not soon since, you know.. tiny infant)

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