Happy Halloween

Cat Sym
Sym's Cat Claws

Sym got up extra early to do her chores so she would have time to put on these press-on nails, by which I mean so I would have time to do it for her. Oh and I’m not apologizing for my messy house in these pics. I’m a HUMAN BEING, dammit.

I’m officially skipping Halloween this year. I’m just too tired and pregnant to put up decorations, I don’t feel like giving out candy (our neighborhood gets so many kids it’s basically a full time job, haha) and I never got around to making my costume. Sym’s dad is going to take her trick-or-treating and I think I’m just going to hole up in my apartment and drink cider or something (probably work on orders for Christmas banners like I did last night, tbh). I am going to put up my traditional bamboo-and-spooky-caution-tape fence around the backyard to protect the grass from getting churned up, especially as it’s been wet and rainy all week, but that’s all. No flashing eyes, not glitter skeletons, no pumpkins, although I do invite you to check out what an amazing job I did last year.

Cat Sym + Cat Claire

Anyway I hope everyone who ISN’T too pregnant to function has a great Halloween!

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