Blowing Up

This etsy thing just keeps happening! Today’s excitement is the Unicorn Parade Shop on the Urban Outfitters blog!

Unicorn Parade on the UO Blog

… and I’m still swamped with orders from the Jezebel mention! I have about a million mini killjoy banners to make, which can get a bit repetitive, but I’ve been making some new, interesting things as well, like this cat portrait banner:

How fun is that??? I’ve already gotten a couple of requests for other cat & dog portrait banners, and I might be making one of little pizzas.

Today I’m taking a break from banners (except for one I finished & shipped already this morning) to focus of cleaning the house, FINALLY recolouring the faded green ends of my hair and of course plenty of baby snuggle time!

Snuggle Time

Tonight is Taylor’s office Christmas party, so Gwen is having a babysitter for the first time (actually Sym’s dad and stepmom, so TWO babysitters) and I’m trying not to stress about it. Instead I’m stressing about having NOTHING to wear since I’m still in that awkward fashion twilight of being too small for my maternity clothes and too big for my regular clothes and sweatpants are all that fit me right now.

OH WELL, I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

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