Taylor & Gwen

When I was pregnant one things I was really excited about was seeing how Taylor would be with the baby. I had no doubt he would be loving and gentle and kind with her (I’d seen how he is with his dog, haha) but I also wanted to see how cute they looked together, my 6’4″ husband and a teeny-tiny baby. Well, I guess I always get what I want because they are SO. CUTE.

Typically I hate pictures of dudes with little kids where everyone who looks at it freaks out about how AMAZING of a human being he must be when he’s not doing anything women don’t every day to zero accolades, but I guess it’s different when i’s MY husband and MY baby, because I KNOW what an amazing human being he is.

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  1. That last photo? With the finger and the tiny hand? Has made my ovaries weep. I have actual weeping ovaries. (And I know that sounds gross. But it shouldn’t.) I will try and console them with alcohol and/or ice cream.

    P.S. You and your husband have made one cute human. Such a cute human.

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