Water Baby


When Sym was a baby she hated having baths. HATED IT. She would scream and cry inconsolably throughout the entire thing, and after trying different baby bath supports and sinks and what-have-yous her dad and I found the only way to have a breakdown-free bathtime with her was for one of us to get in the tub and hold her the entire time. She actually didn’t get over her hatred/fear of baths until just a couple of years ago, and I was worried it would be the same with Gwen. I needn’t have, because this baby? This baby LOVES the bath! Right from her very first bath in the hospital she’s been totally calm, cool and collected about getting clean. If she upset or fussy or gassy all I have to do is set her down in a tub of warm water and she settles right down and becomes my sweet smiley baby again; in fact, the only problem I have is getting her OUT of the bath: she wants to stay in there all night!

The dog is a different story. She was sick last week and needed about fifty baths and she was NOT THRILLED. She doesn’t even like it when I give Gwen a bath: she runs in and scrabbles at me and stands up on her hind paws to look into the tub and make sure I’m not tormenting the baby, so you can imagine how displeased she was about this.


Our baby bath support is by Angelcare and I highly recommend it. It supports Gwen nicely while still being soft and comfortable, it’s easy to clean and it’s easy to clean her while she’s in (on?) it. It does take up a bit of room while not in use but to me it’s worth it.

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