Tummy Time

Tummy Time

Tummy time is the worst, most boring thing in the world. Gwen wasn’t really into it, and I could only put her down on her front for a few minutes before she’d become irritable. UNTIL NOW.

Tummy Time

My friend Dena tweeted at me that she used to put her laptop on the floor for her little one to look at during tummy time to make it more fun, and while I don’t have a laptop I DO have an iPad (sort of? I mean technically it’s Taylor’s but he has an Android tablet he uses so I’ve inherited the iPad because who needs two tablets? NO ONE).


I actually bought a visual stimulation app for babies and she seems to really like it- she stared at it for a good long time, both during tummy time and non-tummy time. When she’s on her back she almost always lies on the left side of her head, and I was a little worried she might develop a flat spot. I’ve been trying and trying to get her to turn her head the other way when lying down but nothing has worked but this app. She’s just mesmerized by it!

Baby Hypnosis

Of course, the thing babies like looking at the most is their own baby face, so I also put the iPad’s camera on and let her gaze at her own beauty for a while. Obviously a mirror would also be suitable for this, but you can’t take video with a mirror.

5 Replies to “Tummy Time”

  1. I know that the phrase “ouch, my ovaries” is used a lot when it comes to this baby but dear sweet Tanie, I’m blaming you and (mostly) Gwen for the insaaaane baby fever I have right now. Especially when Georgie licked her? My first thought was “I want a baby so my dog can lick her” so…. idk. That’s a good enough reason to have a kid, right?

    1. “I want a baby so my dog can lick her”

      LOL OMG LINDSEY. I bet Cooper would love a baby hough. And I mean… it’s not like you didn’t want babies before, you’ve always wanted babies, right?

      1. Always wanted babies!!! It just had never occured to me that Cooper would probably be really cute kissing my baby instead of me all the time so then WHOOPS I’m pregnant!! Immaculate conception!

        JK but I wish

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