Sweet & Salty

This weekend I was inspired to make a new set of banners for Valentine’s Day, based on everyone’s favourite chalky candies: Conversation Hearts! For Valentine’s Day I like to make banners for people who love the holiday and people who hate it, so I made two different varieties of hearts: sweet and salty.

Pls appreciate my LAME staging hahaha. I hate taking pics for etsy!

Each banner has five hearts in different colours, with violet glitter letters for the mottos. The letters are the same size as those used for my mini banners and the hearts are 6″ tall. The full length of the banners is 65″, including 12″ on either side for hanging. All four banners are available for purchase in the shop, and #1, #2 and #4 are ready to ship today (the original #3 has already been sold so it would have to be made to order).

Also available are last year’s Valentine banners: True Love, Be Mine, Forever Alone, and Love Stinks.

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