Baby Bear out for a Walk


This pic is from Sunday, when we were out running some errands. When we take Gwen out in the stroller I hardly ever let Taylor push it, becauseI want to have the best view of this angel baby!

Our stroller is the Mamas & Papas Urbo, which we’re currently using with the carrycot. Now that we’ve been using it for a couple of months I have to say I REALLY love it. I’m especially happy that we got the carrycot- it’s quite cold right now so I snuggle Gwen into her baby bear suit, swaddle her in a fleece blanket and tuck her into the cot, and she’s so cozy!

4 Replies to “Baby Bear out for a Walk”

  1. She is totally adorable. Best bear I ever saw.

    She also has (1) A super-cute Mexican cardigan with hood and animals and flowers and cacti and stuff embroidered on it. (2) A white Mexican embroidered dress. AND………………..(3) An over-the-top pink Mafia Princess dress.

    Do you think Sym would like earrings?

    1. That all sounds so cute!

      Sym’s ears are too sensitive to wear earrings other than ones from real body piercing places (so like… surgical grade stainless steel). A necklace would probably be a better idea.

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