Working For the Weekend


When you aren’t working at a regular job, sometimes the days start to blend together. Sometimes I can’t tell a Sunday from a Wednesday, and that’s weird. To help me keep track of the passage of time I made a new rule for myself: I’ll only work on etsy orders on weekdays, and on weekends I’ll work on my OWN projects, like non-custom banners (which usually end up on etsy anyway) and Gwen’s shoes (which is great, because yesterday I bought another bag of leather scraps to make more! MY COBBLING CAN’T BE TAMED).


Of course pretty much as soon as I decided this everything went off the rails and this week I got almost no work done on etsy orders. Tuesday I was sick, Wednesday I subbed at my neighbor’s childcare (more on this below) and yesterday I had to go out to a suburban mall to do some clothes shopping for Sym and Gwen and YES FINE MYSELF but I was literally going to die if I didn’t get this shirt.

Perfect Plaid

… and even though it was only a 15 minute bus ride over the bridge, going out like that with the baby is a huge production and it ate up most of the day. So between my Monday trip to the post office and my Thursday one I made two mini banners. TWO. MINI BANNERS. That is just sad. Today I planned to make up for it but doing a full-day, hardcore banner making session, but Taylor reminded me I had another dentist appointment (which I just got back from) so I haven’t actually started yet. OOPS. I guess I’ll be working on etsy orders on the weekend after all.

So. That thing about subbing at my neighbor’s daycare. Not to be dramatic but it felt like 100 years in hell and the worst day of my life, and it really really drove home how much I DON’T want to go back to working full-time at my real job in the fall. When Sym was a baby I was lucky enough to be a SAHM for three years and I actually really regret going back to work- at the time I thought it was what I wanted but guess what? WORKING SUCKS. Unfortunately, it’s just not an option for me this time (unless we somehow become independently wealthy before September), and while I know that I’m lucky that a) I live in Canada where we get a year’s paid time off (I’m actually going back to work early to accommodate the return of some of my all-time favourite clients), and b) I work from home so I’ll still be with my little bb, it’s just not going to be the same as spending time with her one-on-one.

She fell asleep in my arms :')

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