Stars & Stripes Forever

Can't take anything seriously :P
She looks inappropriately American today. #stars #stripes #possiblyforever

Now that Gwen is mostly grown out of her first bunch of clothes she has a lot more cute outfits to wear instead of just pajamas 24/7 (which is what I wear… although yesterday I tried on my pre-pregnancy high-waisted skinny jeans and they FIT. I almost fainted tbh). She got this cute skirt/tights/onesie from her Grandma way back when I was still pregnant, Taylor picked up the shoes and I bought the drool kerchief the other weekend. She also has this really cool whale sweater that goes with this, but she didn’t wear it because we didn’t actually leave the house, oops.

As expected I spent most of the weekend catching up on etsy orders after falling behind last week. I actually got quite a few done, and came up with some ideas while I was working, for new banners and some fun baby shoes for Gwen that I’m looking forward to making next weekend!

I also did a bunch of rearranging of my internets- I used to have two separate facebook pages, one for this blog and one for the shop. I decided it was time to consolidate them, and merged the blog page into the shop one (it had more likes! haha). If you had my blog page liked before please like my NEW page instead.

Another thing I’ve been working on is making my etsy shop better; I’ve changed the categories and added new listings for popular items to make them easier to find within the shop. I’ve also started using the “variations” feature on some listings, so if someone wants the traditional “Feminist Killjoy” banner instead of messaging me and waiting for me to put up a listing, they can just go ahead and select their colours and place their order! I’m planning on doing this for other listings as well, like the little heart & star garlands.

Baby's First Etsy Treasury

I’ve generally trying to be more involved in the etsy community. I’ve even started making treasuries, something I never bothered with before! It’s actually really fun, and while searching for things to include I’ve discovered a bunch of great new items & shops. You can see mine here, and if you make treasuries or have favourites leave me a comment with a link, I’d love to see them!

And just quick reminder: if you like this blog please vote for it as the best family & kids blog in the Apartment Therapy Homies! You have to register but it takes literally no time. Also, take a second to check out some of the other nominees (in the other categories as well)- I did last night and added about 20 new blogs to my reader!

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  1. My Cesca has the exact same tights and skirt onesie from Gap! Sadly she’s growing out of it, but I’m trying to stretch out the tights as much as I can lol! What a pretty doll your girl is x

    1. Thank you! So far my girl has only outgrown pajamas & plain onesies/socks, but I’m not looking forward to the day she starts growing out of her cute outfits.

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