A Quiet Birthday

So after all my whining yesterday about my birthday it actually ended up being really nice. Low-key, but nice.

"From Symmie/kiddo"Card & cake from @calloohcallay
Happy birthday to meeeeeee
Linguine for dinnerWhen she wants to sleep she pulls Elke over her face.

homemade card from Sym; card & cupcake (from Cupcakes) from Jenn; cake (from Transylvanian Traditions) from Taylor; Sym at dinner; Gwen napping in her chair with Elke

Taylor wanted to take us out for dinner, but it was cold and raining, I was tired and basically the last thing I wanted to do was put on actual clothes and drag all the baby’s things to some restaurant. Jenn stopped by for cake (and so she could cuddle Gwen) and then after she left we got takeout and I spent the evening reading with Sym and hanging out with Taylor & Gwen while I worked on etsy orders.

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