Birthday Blues


Well it’s my birthday today, and idk how I feel about OKAY LIES I do know how I feel: MEH.

Usually I’m pretty jazzed about my birthday, even though I don’t really do much. I don’t care about presents and I don’t mind if I have to make my own cake, I just like spending time with my family and maybe having a nice dinner.

This year though… I keep thinking “wth, I’m thirty-six???” and it sounds weird. Like, where did my life go? My twenties were a blur and it seems my thirties are going to same way. My life is more than a third over and it is making me depressed.

I'm Hella Old

OH WELL. Let’s get over it, shall we? I have a bunch of work to do today and a sweet baby angel who needs my attention, so no time to mope this afternoon (later tonight I might mope in the tub with some wine and The Secret Circle though, I mean it IS my birthday).

Pretty in pink

In celebration I was planning on running a one-day sale on my etsy shop but I slept in this morning and forgot, so instead I’m doing a TWO-DAY sale how exciting. Get 20% off your order with the code BIRTHDAY

Another reminder to please vote for Unicorn Parade in the Homies! This round lasts until the 8th, and I’m currently in second place, but only the top six blogs in each category make it to the final round so I need to keep my numbers up for three more days!

5 Replies to “Birthday Blues”

  1. Happy belated birthday! And omg, I love the Secret Circle. I was obsessed with it in middle- and early-high school, and I just finished watching the first (and only) season of it on Netflix. Man, that show was wretched. Wretchedly AWESOME. Or maybe just wretched. The books are much better.

  2. I don’t know about your thirties just passing you by, look at how awesome you are! I can only hope to be as cool a person, wife, mother, sassy lady.. ever!

    Happy birthday nevertheless!

  3. Those same thoughts pass my mind on every birthday. Then I try and focus on how much I’ve achieved in the year gone by and try and shift my mood! Hope it works for you too! And happy belated birthday of course xxx

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