The Grumps

Remember on my birthday when I was feeling the cold touch of death’s bony hand on my soul? WEll what I didn’t realize is that was actually part of my semi-annual case of The Grumps. A couple of times a year I just get into a huge funk about everything and everyone and I hate it all and bleagh. It usually happens in October as well (which is why I’m almost never prepared for Halloween or Sym’s birthday).

One thing that I find helps is to channel my grumpiness into creativity. I’m usually able to pull myself out of a funk by making something new, and this time it was mini gradient banners. Making them saying crabby things was also helpful!

What Is The Point
Thanks For Nothing

In addition to the “Go Away” I posted yesterday, last night I made a “What Is The Point” and a “Thanks For Nothing” and they really did the trick! I’m actually almost inspired to make some with positive messages now.

All three banners are for sale in the shop; the original “Go Away” and “What Is The Point” have sold but can be made to order, and “Thanks For Nothing” is ready to ship.

One last time, please vote for Unicorn Parade in the Apartment Therapy Homies. Today is the last day of the nomination round and to get into the finals I have to stay in the top six!

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    1. I would do that too except there’s nothing to eat in my house and going to the store with the baby is a huge hassle. I did eat like, 2/3 of my birthday cake tho OOOOOOPS

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