Three Months

Last night I was walking along the street that runs behind the hospital where Gwen was born (it’s only half a block from my house). The maternity ward is on that side; all the LDR (labour/delivery/recovery) rooms have windows that overlook that street. Often the curtains are drawn but sometimes they are open and you can see the eerie purple-blue glow of a phototherapy light for a new baby with jaundice, a nurse or support person sitting in the chair by the window, or families celebrating and taking pictures. It seems impossible that it’s been three months already since I was there. The time has gone so quickly and Gwen has changed so much. I know I say this every month but it’s just so amazing to me.

Pretty in pink

At three months old Gwen is basically grown out of all her 0-3 month clothes. I still put her in some of the pajamas but the arms and legs are getting way too short and the other week I had to go buy her all new socks since her feet finally grew and she only had two pairs that fit: bright orange and leopard print.

BREAKING NEWS: this baby has blue eyes now.

After surprising me by having grey eyes, she’s surprised me again because they’ve turned blue! I wonder if they’ll stay blue, like her father’s, or turn green like mine and Symphony’s.

Sneaky little thumbsucker.

Gwen loves her soothers, but even more than those she loves her thumbs. It’s a constant battle to try and stop her from sucking her thumb and on more than one occasion I’ve resorted to wrapping her hand in a blanket.

When she wants to sleep she pulls Elke over her face.

She’s started to become interested in toys now. She’s fascinated when I shake her wooden bead rattle for her and she’ll hold onto a single bead of it if I put it in her chair with her. She’s also developed a real affinity for this soft deer toy I’ve named Elke (or Ellen, depending on how my phone’s autocorrect is feeling) that she likes to pull over her face when she is ready to sleep.

She looks really upset here but actually she's just practicing different facial expressions and seeing how I react to them.

She enjoys interacting with us and having us pay attention to her. Her latest thing is testing out new facial expressions and seeing how we’ll react to them. She’ll follow a huge smile with a pouty lip and then back to the smile. She also has a real, actual laugh now!

All tuckered out

She is such a sweet and cheerful baby. I am so happy and lucky to be spending my days with her, cuddling her and playing with her and sitting quietly while she falls asleep in my arms.

And finally, at three months Gwen welcomes a new baby cousin. Congratulations to Taylor’s sister Jaime and her husband Shaun on the birth of their new son Evan. We can’t wait to meet him!

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