Weekend Projects

This past weekend my main project was zero fun- I swore to myself that I’d clean off my desks since they were both hideous piles of paper. Of course this turned into a much huger undertaking than simply cleaning them off- I ended up rearranging my half of the office and moved the desks completely!


Tbh I kind of hate it right now, but not enough to switch it back. That desk is just too heavy to move again! I have a great plan to get a long desktop to turn my two incongruous desks into one giant Super Desk!, as well as adding some more shelves and storage.


This little shelf over my computer is way too crowded, I want to replace it with two or three longer ones so I have more space for art & pictures.

Bulletin Board

The thing I hate most is that gap between the two desks. My second most hated thing is the visible backs of those two canvasses. I’m loving my bulletin board there though; I just screwed it into the back of the large canvas. (The other side of the three canvasses are in my foyer, you can see them here)


I definitely need to get one or two more of these storage cubes to store my glitter sheets. They were on sale for 50% off last month but I foolishly (and lazily; I didn’t want to carry them home) didn’t think to buy them then, so I have to wait for decent coupons to come up.


Even though it took most of the weekend to clean up the mess I’d made rearranging the office, I did have time yesterday for one small sewing project: my first foray into the world of baby headbands! I made this out of an adult-size cotton jersey headband that I hemmed to a Gwen-appropriate size and some leather scraps that I cut into feather shapes.


I used a pearlized cream leather, peachy coral suede and my favourite, the gold leather I’m obsessed with. To attach them to the headband I just sewed a single line straight along the center of each feather. The headband doesn’t stretch where the leather is, but there’s enough stretch on the sides still that it should fit her for a while!

Gwen Headband

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  1. OT do you like that white ikea desk chair? I’ve been considering buying it for like a million years


    1. It’s alright, it’s kind of discoloured but I’m sure it’d be fine if I magic erasered it. The cushion doesn’t stay on well since I’m always slouching down and putting my feet up on my desk lol o lord no wonder I have back problems.

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