It Gets Tiresome

One of the things I hate most of all is doing the same boring-ass task over and over again, and nothing exemplifies this more than vacuuming. With a house full of fluffy pets, I have to vacuum pretty much every day, and it is so tedious! Right now the dogs are all blowing out their undercoat and every day AT LEAST ONCE the whole carpet is covered in tufts of hair, especially black hair from Kichou. idk why, but he is the worst for shedding! I’ve even been hassling Taylor into brushing him more often and he’s still leaving trails of hair clumps all over the house


why, Kichou. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

To make matters worse, I’m also apparently blowing out MY undercoat, aka in the throes of postpartum hair loss. If you weren’t aware, that’s when after you have a baby and all that long, luxurious hair you grew during your pregnancy falls out of your head and piles in drifts around the house. I either didn’t have it or didn’t notice it after I had Sym (my hair was short then) but this time I definitely have it and it is SO ANNOYING. I pretty much always have that thing where I have a stray hair stuck to the side of my shirt that tickles my inner arm (YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT) and I’m ready for it to stop.

Other tiresome things: washing fifty million baby bottles a day, folding fifty million wash cloths, making repetitious banners, going to the post office.

Something not tiresome at all: this baby face


Also YOU’RE WELCOME for my not posting pics of the clumps and balls and drifts of hair billowing around my house right now.

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  1. My boyfriend has a Roomba and he is basically obsessed. It vacuums every weekday at 2pm… but it takes like an hour+ each time, and I think the only reason he likes it is because he’s never home when it runs. I hate being here when it goes off because it creeps me out, BUT if I had a lot of pets I might appreciate it more.

    1. yeah it was a pain in the butt yesterday when I was home and actually trying to cook/clean while it was going off; normally I just hide in the office and do my thing, but actually trying to dodge it while unloading the dishwasher sucked.

    1. I was in a big head-shaving phase after I had Sym so that’s why I didn’t notice anything. How long does this go on for? Because I’m OVER. IT.

  2. You should definitely get a roomba đŸ˜€

    Also, my sister is taking these blood booster pills that she ordered from the US to prevent the postpartum hair thing. I could get the name of them for you if you want? But you’re probs taking something already

  3. You need the Pet & Allergy Neato. Less sweeping for you BUT YOU WILL SIT AND WATCH IT GO AROUND THE HOUSE WITH GLEE. Which doesn’t really save you time. LOL

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