Snug as a Bug


I bought this Mamas & Papas Baby Snug floor seat for Gwen and she’s not sure how she feels about it. I think she kind of likes it but she isn’t a pro at sitting up yet. When she gets excited she does that whole stiff body/back arch thing babies do to express almost every emotion (anger, hunger, happiness, excitement, sleepiness) so when she’s in the seat she finds herself leaning back too far and is unable to sit forward without help. The first time I sat her in it she didn’t cry, but she did make some really sad frowny faces. Mostly she looked like this gif of the baby going through the tunnel:

I think once she gets the hang of it she’ll really like it though!


I chose this one because the tray was included and the green part of the seat comes out, leaving the white base as a bigger seat for when Gwen is older, meaning we’ll be able to use it for longer. I’m getting ahead of myself though, first she needs to figure out how to just sit in it.


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    1. Thank you! You should get one for little Evan, he’s gonna be big enough for it in no time at all.

      I hope you guys are doing well, I’m so happy he’s home from the hospital!

      1. When we come to visit in may you will have to take me to this shop so I can get one too! I love the color! 🙂 Ive heard great things about it via facebook, we can take the cousins for an outing together!

  1. she is SO. PRECIOUS. Oh my goodness. You are literally incapable of making or producing anything that isn’t cute, aren’t you? Have you considered making babies to sell on etsy, I am just wondering. I mean, not that i would buy one (I would totally buy one…wait, is this now creepy? Okay then).

  2. I just ordered my 3 month old son a bumbo chair, and I am curious to see how he reacts to it. I imagine it will be with mixed emotion as well : )
    The tray is a really good idea (especially to hold Sophie – which is the only toy my boy wants to play with/chew on these days).

    1. Gwen isn’t super into her Sophie, I’ve had to keep it stashed away because after my dog found out it was a squeaky she became O B S E S S E D. She’s more about her Elke
      Elk eating baby ^___^

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