I meant to post yesterday but Dreamhost was down for most of the afternoon, which gave me a perfect excuse for not doing anything. Of course, not doing anything meant doing LOTS of things, as so far I’ve spent each day this week alternating between painting to my dining set, working on banners and baby things. Everything else has pretty much fallen by the wayside- there’s laundry in the dryer waiting to be folded and hampers full of dirty clothes and linens that need to be washed, both sinks and the whole kitchen counter are full-slash-covered in dirty dishes. I left the vacuum cleaner out for days and didn’t actually use it until this morning, and I definitely skipped having a shower yesterday


Please note all the clumps of black dog hair on the carpet.


The jolly Jumper is great for keeping Gwen occupied while I work. I pop her in and she bounces and wiggles around while I throw a quick coat of paint on the furniture. I’m actually almost finished that project, I finally got nice coverage with the paint. I need to let the paint cure for a couple of days and then it just needs a couple of coats of polyurethane and it’ll be done!

A piece of advice for anyone thinking about painting furniture red: DON’T. Red paint is the most annoying thing in the world, and I knew that because not once but twice I lived with goth idiots who wanted to paint rooms red and after days of painting ended up with the crappiest, patchiest looking paint jobs! You need to do about fifty million coats to make it look good, and it’s SO TEDIOUS. My table and chairs took eight coats. EIGHT. Plus the three coats of primer lol. Ugh so annoying. Obviously spraypainting would have been easier and faster, but as I mentioned before I can’t do it outside right now and I don’t feel comfortable doing it in the house with the baby.



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  1. What color primer did you use? Back in the condo, I had the bright idea to paint an accent wall (because I was living in the 90s, despite it being 2008? I don’t know), and we had 2 coats of gray primer and then just 3 coats of the red and it looked perfect (as perfect as any red accent wall can look, which really isn’t).

    1. White, that was the kind if primer I had around the house (I don’t want to spend any money on this project).

      1. Ah! Well, red is a super easy color to paint as long as you have gray primer. Otherwise, not worth it, for certain.

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