What I Did…


Finally did (and photographed!) a baby DIY I’ve been planing for a while now. Look for a post later this week!

Making the switch from pram to regular stroller. Also one last hurrah for the baby bear suit. #tinybuttonsblog

Switched the seat on Gwen’s stroller from the bassinet to the regular seat. We also dressed her in the baby bear suit for a final hurrah; the weather is starting to get too warm for fur and she’s almost outgrown it. It’s perfect timing, really.

Went through my boxes of pre-pregnancy clothes and tried everything on to see what fits and what is going back into storage, rediscovering dozens of tank tops I’d forgotten I owned in the process.


Varnished the dining room table and chairs. I just need to pick a fabric and recover the cushions with it and they’ll be done.

What I Made…


This is going to sound super lame and gross but I made a new friend! I’ve known Angela online for a few years but just met her in real life this weekend. We hung out on Friday night and pretty much all day Saturday, and it was great because her favourite things are the same as my favourite things: babies, dogs, and making goo-goo faces at babies and dogs. On Saturday night she had to leave to go home to Boston but mayyyyyyyybeeeeeeeeeeeeee she’ll come back to Vancouver to be a grad student at the university here.

What I Ate…
Friessssss omg. I don’t have pictures but I am not exaggerating when I say I had french fries four times in three days. Three of those times they had cheese on them and the other time half of them were actually onion rings. Haha no wonder I don’t fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes yet!

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