Baby DIY: Padded Polka Dot Picnic Blanket


I got the idea for this project from this polka dot picnic blanket on Radical Possibility; this is my own baby version!

Polka Dot Baby Picnic Blanket

• waterproof sheet protector, similar to this
• acrylic or fabric paint
• plastic cups
• unwanted pencils

1. Before you begin painting, wash and dry your waterproof sheet protector/future baby picnic blanket according the manufacturer’s washing instructions.

2. Mix up your paint colours in the plastic cups. I wanted pastels so I mixed white in with the pink, yellow and turquoise, but you could leave your colours bright.

3. Dip the eraser end of the pencils in the paint, begin dotting away! Mine is quilted, and using the quilting lines to keep things evenly spaced, I did a pattern with rows of pink & yellow dots alternating with rows of pink & turquoise dots. You could also do just a border of dots, or random dots all over! It’s up to you.

You only need a small amount of paint for each dot, if you over dip and get too much paint on the pencil eraser just wipe the sides on the edge of the cup. Don’t worry if your dots aren’t perfect circles, your blanket will still look cute!

4. Once you’ve finished dotting, let the paint dry completely, and then set it by putting the blanket in the dryer for 20 minutes on high heat (or whatever the instructions for your fabric paint say). I used acrylic paint because that was what I had on hand, and I’ve since washed & dried the blanket and the polka dots have held up nicely.


Right now I use mine inside- Gwen tends to roll over and spit up, and this padded blanket is much more absorbent than her regular receiving blankets, and the waterproof back makes sure no nasty fluids soak through to the carpet. Later in the spring and summer I’ll use it outside to keep her from getting wet and/or muddy.


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    1. ty!! I want to get more sheet protectors & make more, she could have one to match every outfit LOL. I also still want to make one like yours for grown-ups, although I’ve been saying that for a year.

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