Walks on the Beach

Last week I posted that I was going to start going on walks on the Seawall with Gwen in the mornings, and I have to say so far it’s been a big success (in spite of the weather turning to crap). I’ve gone every day it hasn’t rained in the morning, even when I didn’t really want to. Gwen was really good on all these walks, on the big walk I had to stop & feed her a couple of times, as well as perform some ~al fresco~ diaper changes, but she slept through the majority of all three.

Sunset Beach to English Bay


This is the same route as the family walk we did on Good Friday. It’s pretty short, which was perfect last Tuesday because I had to be home by nine-thirty. Since Sym was at her dad’s I left the house before eight, and actually met up with them and walked Sym to school before heading back up the hill.
total distance (including to & from the Seawall from my house): 3.5km

English Bay to Lumberman’s Arch

Baby beneath the bridge

This is the big walk, the one I always used to do with Sym and wasn’t sure I’d be able to do yet. I decided to try it on Wednesday, and it was actually a breeze (although I learned some valuable lessons about drinking a huge coffee at the start of the walk and forgetting to eat breakfast). I also did this walk yesterday (Monday).


total distance: 10.5km

Sunset Beach to Gastown


On Thursday it was supposed to rain, and I was worried about getting caught in a downpour with a grumpy baby, miles from civilization. I chose this route because instead of going around Stanley Park it goes around part of the city, but it’s actually my least favourite as it mostly passes marinas & condos (boring). I did come off the Seawall pretty close to Taylor’s office, so I was able to meet him and walk home together, which was nice.
total distance: 8km

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